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Beach Resorts in Maharashtra

Maharashtra enjoys a long coastline of 720 km extending from Dhanau and Bordi in the north up to Goa in south all along the Arabian Sea. The lively beaches with clear waters, silver sands, hordes of seashells are perfect for a weekend getaway. Here are several Beach Resorts in Maharashtra at the most beautiful and happening beaches.

You can visit many historically rich places while on Beach Resorts in Maharashtra. Explore the forts of Khanderi, Undheri, Malvani, Goa, Murud, Sindhudurg and Suvarnadurg on your beach holidays. On Beach Resorts in Maharashtra, you can indulge in water sports, relax under the sparkling sun to get a tanned radiance on your face, relish the local delicacies, take a stroll along the sea and watch out for different shapes of the shell.

The important Beach Resorts in Maharashtra are:

Beach Resorts in Maharashtra

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